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Company Profile

Our History

Global Technology Integrated Co.,Ltd. was founded on February 14, 2003 to do cybersecurity business. We began by providing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services, then gathered all our experiences and expertise to develop own cybersecurity products under SRAN (Security Revolution Analysis Network) Trademark, using Siamese Cat as a logo.

We have provided products and services ranging from manufacturing, after-sale support and cybersecurity consulting services. We have aimed to develop Thai cybersecurity products and services to meet international standard and to create sustainable cybersecurity environment which is controlled by local Thai people and worth an investment. It has also reduced importing of cybersecurity appliances which has lost large amount of money.

Our Vision

“To be a cybersecurity leader in user-friendly innovation for everyone.”

Our Mission

“Striving to develop user-friendly cybersecurity products and services and seeking cooperation from strategic partners.”

We believe that

we should use our own cybersecurity innovation to protect us from cyber threats and secure information technology for the sake of Thailand, with the slogan “Lower Cost More Secure”

Founded Global Technology Integrated Co.,Ltd.
Founded Global Technology Integrated Co.,Ltd. by providing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services.
SRAN Security Center Launched
Launched SRAN Security Center, an all-in-one network security device with network threat detection and response.
SRAN Light และ SRAN Light Hybrid
Developed SRAN Light and SRAN Light Hybrid, a cybersecurity product that records traffic data to meet users’ requirement and comply with Thailand’s Computer-Related Crime Act B.E.2550.
SRAN Log Manager
Developed SRAN Log Manager, a log file collector for large scale enterprises.
Big Data Analysis
Implemented event log analytic system (Big Data Analysis) for many large scale enterprises.
SRAN NetApprove
Launched SRAN NetApprove, a log file collector that comply with Thailand’s Computer-Related Crime Act
Managed Security Service
Improved some modules of SRAN Log Manager to work with SRAN NetApprove and to be a solution for Managed Security Service.
SRAN Light LT50
SRAN Light LT50 has been listed in Thailand Innovation List by Bureau of the Budget, Ministry of Finance
SRAN Module Logger
SRAN Module Logger version 1.0.0 has been certified “NTS4003.1-2560 Computer Log Systems” by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
SRAN NetShield
Launched SRAN NetShield, an Intrusion Prevention System that can detect and prevent many attack patterns.
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 standard
Global Technology Integrated Co.,Ltd. whose Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 standard has been certified by SGS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Developed “Useelive” a data live streaming solution and received Virtual Class Room Platform Innovation award in Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2020
SRAN Personal Data Protection Service
Developed SRAN Personal Data Protection Service to comply with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2562 B.E.
SRAN Mobile Security
Developed SRAN Mobile Security, a cyber security application on mobile, to block access to malware & phishing websites
SRAN cooperated with Bangkok Insurance PCL launched SRAN CYBER INSURANCE PLUS - a cyber security service plus cyber insurance

Board of Directors

Managing Director

“I really want to see Thai brand of high technology product, in the same way as Samsung of Korea and Huawei of China. We also hope that one day we will reach to that point or at least being an inspirer for those who come after us.

Development Director

“The development of Cybersecurity products is a fun and challenging job. We’d never known if our innovation would succeed or fail. But when we’ve gone through hardship and difficulties, all of us will be pleased with our greatest pride.

Director of General Affairs

“We treat all staff as family members so we work in comfort and friendly atmosphere. We believe that everyone is capable and desires to create good things for themselves and others. Greatest ability of each individual leads to effective teamwork which helps us overcome all obstacles.”